About us

We are Danny and Talitha van Ramshorst. For over 15 years Danny has been active in the funeral industry, growing remembrance trees for deceased loved ones. 

Danny: before I started in 2005, there was no possibility worth mentioning to commemorate someone with a living tree.

Together with TNO, we have developed a cultivation method in which it has been scientifically demonstrated that the tree literally extracts its nutrition from the human ashes.

For over 5 years, Talitha has supported me in the background, making sure everything runs smoothly and in a structured way.

After watching for several years how one after the other 'organic urn' came onto the market, in which hopefully one day a seed or yearling would become a beautiful remembrance tree, we could no longer stand it.

With the TNO report, we are the only ones to know what ashes actually do with a tree. It is impossible for a seed or yearling to grow with the amount of ashes of one person. Only if all nutrients from the ashes wash away in the soil, it could be that it starts growing, but with the rule of thumb that only one in every 10,000 acorns grows into an adult tree, it seems sad to us to send people home with that probability calculation. 

There had to be another way. A possibility to place a tree directly at the final destination, but with a method whereby the ashes would be actually absorbed by the tree.

After just over a year of developing and investing, this method has become a reality. The nutrition capsules of Return in Green can be placed by a newly planted tree, as tall as you want it to be, but they can also be placed by an existing tree. 

We are now working fulltime with a fine and enthusiastic team of part-timers, to optimize both the services for My Boom and for the Return in Green food capsules and to guarantee the high quality requirements we set.