Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What tree or shrub can I choose?

In principle, virtually any type or tree or shrub can qualify for growing a remembrance tree. It may be recommendable to ask your local garden center for advice what trees and shrubs do well in your environment. Of course, you can also ask these questions to 

Can the ashes be brought together near a tree or shrub?

Research by TNO has shown that the use of ashes meets all legal standards.

What influence do the ashes have on trees and shrubs?

The ashes are used by the tree as nutrition and have a positive influence on the pH level of the soil. Nearly all nutrients that plants need are in human ashes.

Return in Green’s capsules make sure that the nutrients from the ashes are given off to the roots of the tree gradually, over the course of several years.

Can the ashes of a person be used for several trees and shrubs?

Yes, that is possible. The ashes are divided over six capsules (if there is more than 3 L, several capsules can be reordered). 3 capsules can then be placed by 2 trees or even 2 capsules by 3 trees.

So it is possible to grow a remembrance tree for more than one relative.

Can the ashes of two persons be used to grow a tree?

Yes, the ashes of two persons can be put together at one tree or shrub. In that case, 2 sets of in total 12 capsules can be placed by a tree. Given the fact that the capsules give off the nutrients from the ashes to the soil so gradually, there is no risk of damage to the tree due to an overdose of nutrients. 

Must all ashes be used for growing a remembrance tree?

No, it is even possible to place only one, separately ordered capsule by a tree. Sufficient ashes will remain to choose for a different destination after all.

Can the capsules also be placed by an existing tree? 

Yes, what is unique about Return in Green’s capsules is that they can be placed by an existing tree somewhere in a park, in nature or someone’s favorite tree in one’s own garden.

Can I fill the capsules myself?

The capsules can easily be filled by yourself using the included funnel and extensive instruction manual.

Where can I eventually plant the tree or shrub?

No permission is required for planting a tree in one’s own garden. When you want to give the tree a place in the open nature, a cemetery or a park, official permission is required from the owner or manager.

Does planting require special knowledge, care and maintenance?

Planting a remembrance tree is exactly the same as planting a normal tree. As this concerns a tree with high emotional value, we recommend you thoroughly read the included instructions. Then it won’t be difficult at all to plant the tree together with your family.

Can a tree or shrub be placed on a balcony?

Certain small trees and shrubs can be placed on a balcony in containers. We will gladly advise you on the right choice.

Is it possible to move the tree or shrub to another location?

Within 5 years the tree or shrub can usually still be taken with you if you are moving. After that, the root system is often too big. There are possibilities to still move the tree even after 10 or 15 years, but this must be taken into account when the tree is Initially planted. In that case, you can place a plastic side wall in the planting hole (with a minimum diameter of 80-100 cm), so the clod will remain limited in size.

What happens if the tree or shrub does not take root?

In the unlikely event that the tree does not take root after the first or at most the second year, you can dig out the (remaining) cylinders and replace them with a new tree.. Once a tree is growing, no-one needs to worry that something might happen to it. Look around you in the garden, park or forest. A tree won’t die just like that, and certainly not a young, vital and healthy one.